Fully Automatic Water Level Controller



This device switches ON or OFF the water pump based upon water level of the rooftop water tank.

In Automatic mode features an Auto ON and Auto OFF function. The pump of switched OFF automatically when the rooftop tank is full or the sump tank if empty. This model is suitable for pumps operated by motors upto 2HP which have a normal ON/OFF switch/MCB.

In Manual mode, the pump is switched ON manually by pressing a button on the device. However, when the rooftop tank is full, the pump is switched OFF automatically.

Salient Features:

  • No Manpower Required To operate as Fully Automatic
  • Prevents Water Overflow and Dry Running
  • Longer Life
  • No Mechanical System
  • Saves Electricity
  • Compact Plastic (Virgin) Housing
  • Controls Underground Tank and Overhead Tank
  • Operating voltage 220-250 volts AC Frequency 50 Hz
  • Load capacity each switch (2 HP)
  • Corrosion free sensors