iBin – The SS Smart Bin


iBins as the name suggests is an always connected Smart Bin, that calls the trash truck, when it is time to clean. It is India’s First and Only Bin that tweets its status – Follow “@IbinInc” twitter handle to get live updates.

iBins is an free standing independent unit powered by the Sun, having enough backup to last the whole night week after week, so that it works 24/7.

Realtime status of each and every bin in the city available on web and mobile. Provides information whether a bin is half filled or 60% filled on map as well as list forms.

A log of every emptying and filling of the smart bin is kept at the central server. This enables an online monitoring of Municipal workers and sanitation condition of the whole city – round the clock.

The iBins Smart Bin has been designed in such a way that emptying and re-fitting of trash collection container is very easy and hygienic for the collection employees. This ensures faster and efficient and tamper less trash collection.