SERENE – UV Sterilizer

Handling many items can infect you unknowingly like your wallet, phone, objects of daily use, parcels, gifts, vegetables, etc. Sterilize anything you receive at your home or office/ clinic. Anything which can be a source of infection can be sanitized with UV Sterilizer boxes of various size.
  • Ultraviolet rays destroys the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses. The most effective wavelength is that of UVC light (254 nm).
  • A proper dose of UV-C light modifies the DNA structure of an infectious cell so it cannot reproduce and therefore cannot colonize and spread. These results were confirmed by the study, which reported a significant decrease in the total number of colony-forming units (CFUs) of these pathogens in both direct and indirect line of sight.
  • Most regulatory bodies now specify a fluence or UV dose of 30 mJ/cm2 (note that 1 mWs = 1 mJ) to assure at least 4 logs inactivation of any pathogenic microorganisms.

    • Features
      • 99%-99.9% of the sterilization rate
      • UV disinfection is more comprehensive, quick effect with no residue
      • Operational and maintenance costs are nil
      • High quality and easy operation
      • Auto-turn off: Box turns off whenever someone opens it. Protective feature from harmful UV rays
      • Time Setting: Pre-Set timing function present
ModelSERENE 25
Home Steriliser
Large UV Cabinet 100 / 150
Capacity25 Litres100/150 Litres
Sterilising Time75 – 250 Seconds120 Seconds
Inner Chamber Size350 x 250 x 80mm100L: 450 x 400 x 600 mm
150L: 450 X 400 x 850 mm
UV Tubes11 Watts100 Litres: 22 Watts
150 Litres: 44 Watts
Material Of FrameMedical Grade SS 304Powder Coated MS With SS Tray
UVC Wavelength254 nm254 nm
Inner BodySS 304Reflective Sheet
Preset TimingYes 2 optionsvariable Timer
Adjustable TimerYes
Weight4 KgsAs per Volume
Auto Turn-OffYesYes
PriceRs. 6999/-Rs. 9999/- to Rs. 11,999/-