UV Nashak

The UV Nashak is useful for disinfection of highly touch surfaces like electronic equipment’s, computers, furniture’s and other gadgets in laboratories and offices that are not suitable for chemical disinfection method. The product is effective for use in  hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, metros, factories. This product is not designed for human disinfection.

Inbuilt Safety Sensors
The UV-Nashak has inbuilt 360˚ Sensor for human safety, it also have Audio & Visual Safety Alarm, if any humans accidentally enters the room then system will automatically shut down within second for safety.

Inbuilt Laser Sensors
Consist of Advance Laser Sensor to map and plot the area of disinfection. Its inbuilt AI engine automatically decide the time required for disinfection based on requirement of 30mJ/sq cm as defined by various research and other regulatory bodies.
Fast & Efficient Disinfection
The UV Nashak Disinfection is so versatile that it can disinfect 600 square feet area (15 feet radial distance from the robot) within 04 minutes. You can also customize sanitization time as per requirement. The system is controlled remotely via Android & IOS based Mobile.

Mobile Control
The UV-Nashak has mobile app where in it stores log information to help security auditing of disinfection to cross check whether the room was disinfected or not plus who did the cleaning, it also create a record of abrupt human entry happened during disinfection record, by looking at the memory log of date/time user can ensure the room is disinfected or not and when again the disinfection cycle needs to be performed.

UV Nashak is designed for the purpose of disinfecting most pathogens including SARS –COV2, corona family of viruses & other harmful bacteria ‘s in closed premises. This system uses UVC lights to deactivate the DNA of bacteria and RNA of viruses with minimal human intervention. The system will help in chemical free and rapid disinfection of high infection prone areas.