QR Based Smart Door Lock System

An IoT based product which lets us operate locks via scanning of QR Codes. The system is cloud control system where in when we scan the QR code of any particular lock it sends a signal to the cloud to operate the lock.

The electric strike lock is operated via a QR scan in Hotel. The difference then the normal available lock system lies in the fact that we end up scanning the QR on the room gate via Hotel App. The hotel app confirms from the cloud if the said user no is authorized to scan the QR code and then sends the signal to electric lock which is connected to cloud via local wifi.

The system has been tested and developed by us. It also keeps a log of who all have used the access and when all. The system can also be used to automatically deduct the room tariff on hourly basis. A Combination of NC / NO is used to operate the locks as per the requirement of client.